Country-led pathways out of fragility

As part of the New Deal, we commit to FOCUS on new ways of engaging with conflict-affected and fragile states including the following:

Fragility Assessment

We will conduct a periodic country-led assessment on the causes and features of fragility and sources of resilience as a basis for the ‘one vision, one plan’ strand of the strategy. The assessment will include key national stakeholders and non-state actors and will build upon a harmonised methodology, including a fragility spectrum, to be developed by the g7+ and supported by international partners.

One vision, one plan

We will develop and support one national vision and one plan to transition out of fragility. This vision and plan will be country-owned and -led, developed in consultation with civil society and based on inputs from the fragility assessment. Plans will be flexible so as to address short-, medium- and long-term peacebuilding and statebuilding priorities, and they will be the guiding framework for all country-led identification of priorities. They will be monitored, reviewed and adjusted in consultation with key stakeholders on an annual basis.

Create a Compact

A compact is a key mechanism to implement the ‘one vision, one plan’. It will be drawn up from a broad range of views from multiple stakeholders and the public, and be reviewed annually through a multi-stakeholder review. The compact also recognises differences in fragility and national contexts and therefore may take different forms at different points in transition out of fragility, ensuring harmonisation and donor co-ordination, as well as reducing duplication, fragmentation and programme proliferation. It can also guide the choice of aid modalities and provide a basis to determine the allocation of donor resources aligned to the country-led national priorities, in line with good aid effectiveness principles.

Use PSGs to monitor

We will use the PSG targets and indicators to make sure that country-level progress is closely monitored.

Support political dialogue and leadership

We will increase our support for credible and inclusive processes of political dialogue, as well as supporting global, regional and national initiatives to build the capacity of government and civil society leaders and institutions, so that they can provide genuine leadership for peacebuilding and statebuilding efforts. We will also ensure that specific support is targeted to promote youth and women’s participation in political dialogue and leadership initiatives. Without an engaged public and civil society, which constructively monitors national decision-making, we will never ensure accountability.