Resources and Links


  • Official Washington communiqué 19-04-2013 (EN) (FR)

Key documents:

  • A NEW DEAL for engagement in fragile states (EN) (FR) (ES) (AR)
  • Progress report on PSG indicators and fragility assessments (Nov 2012) (EN) (FR)
  • A guide to implementing the New Deal (EN)
  • Integrating Gender into the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States (EN)

About the New Deal

  • Background to the New Deal (EN)
  • The New Deal Brochure 1 (EN) (FR)
  • The New Deal Brochure 2 ( EN FR)

Background documents:

  • Dili Declaration (EN) (FR)
  • Dili Declaration Annex: Statement by the g7+ (EN)
  • Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Priorities and Challenges: A synthesis of findings from seven multi-stakeholder consultations (EN)
  • International Dialogue Factsheet (EN) (FR) (ES) (AR)
  • International Dialogue Concept note (EN) (FR)
  • The Monrovia roadmap (EN) (FR)
  • Accra Agenda for Action (EN) (FR) (AR) (DE) (JA) (PT) (MO/RO) (RU) (ES)
  • Kinshasa Statement (EN)
  • Roundtable 7, HLF 3 (EN)
  • European Commission: A Decent life for all: Ending poverty and giving the world a sustainable future (EN)
  • New Deal Backgrounder (EN)